Who can go for hair transplant and at what age?

Hair loss is a very common problem in both males and females of every age group these days. It subsequently causes baldness which is for obvious reasons a very embarrassing situation f...

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Hair transplant dietary tips

Over these years, one of the major physical transformation inventions has been the procedure for Hair Transplant. It is one the best and safest treatment options to overcome hair loss ...

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How is hair transplant getting safer in punjab?

Over the past few years, hair loss is becoming an increasing common problem in India. Unlike other diseases, it is affecting men and women of all age groups alike. While several effect...

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How much does it cost to get hair transplant in india?

Your tresses are one of your prized possessions and none would like to part with them. But destiny has a different plan. Sometimes, due to reasons which are beyond our control, we tend...

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Top 7 things you must know before considering a hair transplant

Are you thinking of a hair transplant? Wait! Do not take a hasty decision. This is because hair transplant involves quite a bit of expenditure and at the same time it will leave you wi...

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