4 Signs Of Hair Loss You Should Look At

Are you shedding more hair than normal? Are you concerned about it? Of course, it’s a matter of concern if you are losing too much hair. Have a look at 4 signs of hair loss that you should look at –

Check hair in your hairbrush or shower drain
The first sign of the hair loss problem is getting more strands in your hairbrush or shower drain. When there is shedding of 50 to 100 strands a day, it is considered as normal and if you are losing more than 100 strands consistently, then it is the hair loss condition and you should start searching for better hair loss solutions.

Lots of hair on your pillow
When you wake up, make sure to check your pillow everyday if there is any strand on it. If you are experiencing hair loss then you will notice lots of strands on your pillow every morning.

Hairline changes
If you are noticing the hairline changes such as receding hairline then you are facing hair loss problem. To discover the changes in your hairline, compare your recent photo with your older once. If you can see any noticeable change in your hairline, then you should consult hair loss specialist for hair loss treatment.

Observe the differences while styling
When styling your hair, if you notice any difference then pay attention as you know your hair well. Thinning crown, extra shedding hair and receding hairline can all indicate hair loss conditions.

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