5 Myths about Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair Transplant Treatment

There have been several innovations in the field of hair transplant over the past few years. However, numerous misconceptions about hair transplant procedures have made people averse to it.

Before going for hair transplant treatment, it is important to know the related myths and dispel them with the actual facts. Below are some of the most popular misconceptions related to hair transplant that you should know and avoid –

Myth 1: Hair transplant is a long procedure

Hair transplant is a day care procedure and does not put the mental pressure of a hospital stay in your mind. This procedure does not require you to stay back in the hospital or clinic. Get it done and go home the same day.

Myth 2: Results will be the same in all cases

A head full of dense hair is not the result in all hair transplant cases. The result of a hair transplant procedure depends upon a number of factors. The outcome would be dependent upon –

• The hair’s type
• The degree of baldness before the procedure
• The amount of hair which was available for the process
• Body’s nutrient profile
• Adherence to the medicines

All the above factors ensure the result of the hair transplant procedure.

Myth 3: Hair transplant is a cure for all types of baldness

Many people have a perception in their mind that hair transplant is the solution for all kinds of baldness. However, this is not the truth. You should better consult an experienced surgeon who can make you aware of the extent of hair damage and suggest you the most appropriate remedy. You can visit Dr. Kalia at his hair transplant clinic for the right consultation.

Myth 4: Patient should have a full-grown and equipped donor area

Hair transplant procedure is carried by removing hair from other parts of the body such as beard, legs or chest wall and planting them into the scalp with the help of appropriate techniques. When a person has made up his or her mind to go for hair transplant, there is a possibility that he or she do not have a full-grown, good, and equipped donor area to serve the purpose enough for a successful hair transplant. In cases similar to these, the technique of body hair transplant is used.

Myth 5: Medical assistance required after hair transplant

The hair growth after the procedure is natural and does not require any further medical assistance. You would be free to cut, trim or style your hair as per your desire.

The above pointers may help you to make up your mind. It is highly crucial to create awareness in the society about the way out of baldness that can make you look youthful again. To learn more about hair transplant, visit Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC – best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh.

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