7 Things to Know Before You Go For Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is the most effective treatment to get rid of patchy hair and spot baldness. These days, people more often choose to go for hair transplant surgery due to increasing hair loss problem.

Numerous surgical hair loss treatments are there for different areas including hair transplant, eyebrow restoration, beard-moustache transplant, hair transplant repair and sideburn hair transplant.

Before you go for a hair transplant surgery, you should know few things beforehand such as-

  1. Is hair transplant surgery suitable for both man and woman?
    Yes, it is. Hair loss surgery is effective for both man and woman. Anyone facing the problem of hair loss resulting spot baldness can go for hair transplant – an effective and permanent solution of hair loss problem.
  2. What is the total time required for the surgery?
    The total time for the surgery varies depending upon many factors – gender, technique, total area, number of grafts, and total number of sittings.
  3. What is the hair transplant postoperative care?
    You need to follow proper instructions given by the hair transplant surgeon. There are many things such as proper care of grafts in the first few weeks, extra care while washing your hair and medications.
  4. What are the after effects of the procedure that you need to take care?
    Many times, patient experiences problems like bleeding, itching, swelling, and bruising. With the correct aftercare, the effects last just for a couple of days or weeks at most.
  5. Is the hair loss treatment leaves any scar or bruising?
    FUE hair transplant would leave only a tiny scar like a dot on the area from where individual follicular units have been taken. The donor area from where the strips are taken would have a small linear scar.
  6. Is the results of the hair loss treatment is permanent?
    The transplanted hairs are permanent and do not fall. However, the everlasting results depend on many factors like patient’s age, type of hair, regular hair care, and lifestyle.
  7. What is the Cost of Hair Transplant Procedure?
    The cost of the hair loss procedure varies and depends on gender, total area, time, age and more. You can visit any reputed hair transplant clinic like Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC for consultation to figure out the total cost of the hair transplant surgery.

Consider the above things and boost up your confidence with hair transplant. Consult Dr. Kalia for best hair transplant in Chandigarh.

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