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Eyebrow enhancement treatment

Are you losing your eyebrow hair? If so, then it is going to dramatically affect your facial appearance. Not even facial appearance, it can have deep negative psychological effects on the person. Eyebrow hair loss might be a result of over-plucking, scars, genes or hormonal imbalances.

So, what can be the solution to eyebrow hair loss? Opt for eyebrow hair transplant to get the desired eyebrows.

In the eyebrow hair transplant, the surgeon will take your genetically strong hair and then fill them in the areas of hair loss that will give you the eyebrow you want, and regain your confidence and natural facial appearance with your own natural look.

You can get in touch with Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC and they can help to restore an individual’s confidence. Eyebrow hair transplant is performed by transplanting a few grafts of hair from either above the ear or another hairy area, to the eyebrow region. With the help of effective treatment by Dr. Kalia, get beautiful, fully-grown and desirable-shaped eyebrows.

Why choose Dr. Kalia?

Dr. Kalia performs skillful hair transplant for eyebrow hair restoration, eyebrow enhancement as well as eyebrow touch-up. He uses proven hair transplantation FUE technique to solve permanent hair loss in the brow area. He ensures results considering your facial hair type, your features and of course your personal preferences. Undoubtedly, eyebrow restoration by Dr. Kalia is a trusted, result oriented and a permanent solution for beautiful and desirable eyebrows.

To create completely natural looking eyebrows, hair is removed from a suitable donor area and then transplanted to the eyebrow area. Their experienced team follows the natural orientation to recreate your eyebrows that can grow for your lifetime.

Initially, the new hair rests for a couple of months and then within 3-4 months, you can expect new hair growth. You may have to wait for 12 months to get the desired results. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic, and results are natural and permanent.

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