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female hair loss surgery

As common these days, people opt for cosmetic surgeries to enhance their appearance. Hair transplant in Chandigarh is one the most preferable treatments to get the hair back within a short period.

Hair loss is one of the most widespread and bothersome problems. Women are consistently frustrated by thinning hair and baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss including poor nutrition, stress, hormones, and heredity. For every female, hairs are like a crown to her. They really love when people compliment their beauty, especially hair. However, hair loss problems can be dealt with hair transplant solutions due to a scientific breakthrough in medical science.

There are different types of surgeries available in the market. Hair transplantation is the female hair loss surgery in which person hair follicles are singly extracted from the donor area (like backside of the head, chest, thighs or other hairy areas) of the patient and are then transplanted to the hair loss area.

Female hair transplant surgery is the latest trend especially who are young and lost their hair to untimely fall but even for them who want to alter their hairlines or acquire an attractive manner.

Which person is eligible for Hair Transplant?

• A person who has healthy hair on his head in an area that can be harvested for transplant
• A person who is in good overall health
• A person who is not taking herbal supplements or prescription medication that may impact healing

Results of Hair Transplant

Usually, female hair transplant surgery offers the best results. However, it is important to select an experienced, highly skilled hair transplant surgeon to get a natural head of hair.

While undergoing hair transplant treatment, the surgeons usually-

  1. Analyzes the hair and the scalp to understand what the exact cause of hair loss is.
  2. Treats the hair through a proper procedure –
    o Medication course
    o Dietary restoration plan
    o Hair transplant treatment
  3. Most advanced method of minimally invasive hair restoration

These are a few key points that almost all the surgeons consider. To make sure that nothing goes wrong in hair transplant, you should contact an expert hair transplant surgeons like Dr. Kalia, who can decide the correct procedure for patients to get positive and desirable results. For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Kalia and book your appointment today.

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