Is Your Hair Fall Normal? Let’s Find Out

Losing hair at any age can be stressful but everyone has to face it. However, you need not worry about your hair shedding, if it is normal. Yes, you read it right, it can be normal if few hairs fall in a day.
Hair follows a cycle of growth and shedding. Very few hairs are in the shedding phase, whereas 90% of the hairs are in a growing age. It is considered that the shedding of the normal amount of hair (50 to 100 strands per days) in the cycle is normal.
Are you experiencing a loss of more than 100 strands per day? If so, then get in touch with an expert immediately for consultation.

How to Control Hair Fall

People find DIY hair loss treatments appealing as ingredients such as onion juice, green tea and many more are easily available in any kitchen. However, there is no scientific evidence found that proves that these remedies are effective to stop hair fall completely.
Apart from home remedies, people also have the misconception that shampoos and conditioners are efficient in decreasing hair loss. But, this is not true. Although it is important to wash hair in regular routine for healthy hair growth, it will not stop hair fall permanently. There are a plethora of hair products available in the market for wash and not all are suitable for your scalp. Before buying the hair-care products, consider your hair scalp and make a purchase accordingly. If you are finding difficult to discover the appropriate products for your hair, then consult Dr. Kalia’s Clinic expert.
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