Hair Loss Causes and Effective Treatment for Women

Hair loss is a common problem in women and nearly, 1 in 4 women today is suffering from excessive hair loss and thinning.

What causes hair loss in Women?

The reason of hair loss problem is not one. There are countless reasons that cause hair loss ranging from lack of proper nutrition, a stressful lifestyle, smoking, chemical or harsh treatments to genetic or hormonal imbalances.

When do women start facing hair loss problem?

Women are more likely to face hair loss problem after 40. Chances are less to develop hair loss problem before midlife.

How can hair loss problem be diagnosed?

An unhealthy scalp leads to hair loss in women and furthermore slows down the hair’s growing phase. Early diagnosis is crucially important. The time you will notice the hair loss problem, you should consult the doctor or a dermatologist as soon as possible to determine the type of hair loss problem you are facing.

Treatment for women’s hair loss problem

Hair loss problem like female pattern baldness is irreversible and it is very difficult to prevent it. Proper treatment is important to potentially deal with the hair loss problem.
Female hair loss should be dealt with by an expert doctor who can advise you with the best women hair-loss treatment. Possibly, your treatment plan will consist of medication course and a dietary restoration plan that can effectively correct the hair loss problem and can offer positive and desirable results.
If required, the surgeon can suggest you go for female hair loss transplant. Undoubtedly, a hair transplant is a permanent and effective solution. In this procedure, the extraction of individual follicles is done from a donor area, which is transplanted one-by-one into the area that needs to be treated with the hair implants. It works effectively and leaves no linear scarring. The re-grown hairs look exactly like your natural hair.

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