Hair Loss in Women: When Should You Worry?

Women Hair Loss Treatment

When the hair falls out while shampooing or combing your hair, the first question comes in mind, “Am I losing too much hair?”

Well, before worrying, it is important to understand that some shedding is normal. Our hairs on head follow three phases including growth phase, transition phase and a resting phase. In the shedding stage, around 50 to 100 strands will fall out which is considered as a normal and natural process.

You should worry about your hair loss when you are losing excessive or abnormal strands over an extended period. Are you wondering, “Why you’re losing an excessive amount of hair?” There are many reasons for excessive hair loss including genetic predisposition, thyroid disorders, nutrient deficiencies, and stress. Even more, tight hairstyles, giving birth, rapid weight loss, surgery, medical therapies and toxic substances can also cause hair loss and damage the follicles.

What You Can Do About Hair Loss

When hair loss is temporary, you can avoid hair loss and promote re-growth. Now, question is, “How can you get rid of hair loss problem”? It is difficult to determine the actual cause of the hair loss for a layperson. Don’t try anything new to get your hair back. When you suspect that you are experiencing abnormal hair loss then you should talk to your doctor.

You can also take advantage of the specialists at the best hair clinic in India – Dr. Kalia’s Hair Clinic. They provide you with a diagnosis, hair restoration advice, and most excellent hair restoration treatment.

The hair restoration treatment depends on various factors and you can’t opt for any hair restoration treatment without expert’s advice. There are many surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments available in the market. The doctor will suggest you which hair loss treatment is right for you depending on your full hair history that includes the relevant symptoms of the beginning of the hair thinning, extensive thinning of your hair, and more.

Whatever your hair loss condition and personal preferences, the team at Dr. Kalia’s Hair Clinic will help you with all the essential information to get the best treatment. Dr. Kalia conducts hair transplant in the minimally invasive way and follows the patient-friendly approach bringing a revolution into the hair transplant circuit of Punjab and changing it for the better.

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