Hair Loss and Itchy Scalp: The Link, Causes, and Treatment

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Itchy scalp causes irritation and there is some connection between hair loss and irritation.Whenever you feel irritation due to itchy scalp then you should visit hair transplant clinic. Here we have mentioned the link, cause, and treatment of the skin conditions that cause itchy scalp:

Conditions of skin

Most of the times, dandruff causes itchy scalp due to dry skin. Scratching the skin can break the skin and increase the risk of infections resulting in inflammation. The flaky skin makes your skin irritating and causes hair loss.


The fungal infection (scalp ringworm, tinea capitis) causes scaly and itchy patches of hair loss. The bald patches become permanent when an infection causes damage to the hair follicles. The anti-fungal medication is available for hair loss and usually, it helps your hair to re-grow.

The bacterial or fungal infection causes Folliculitis, resulting in itchiness, inflamed follicles, and hair loss. It can also be treated with medication and you will see that the hair will re-grow normally when the scalp has healed.


The itchy scalp does not mean that your hair is going to fall out. Whenever you experience itchiness, don’t wait for hair loss. You should immediately get in touch with a doctor for checkup. A doctor will suggest you the best possible treatment for your hair problem.

There are many solutions available to stop hair loss. If you are experiencing permanent hair loss, contact Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC. It offers non-surgical, surgical and medical options for both men and women with a variety of hair loss conditions. Choosing Dr. Kalia is going to be your best choice as he has successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from hair loss and hair thinning.

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