Is a Hair Transplant the Right Choice for You?

Hair transplant is a permanent solution for a permanent hair loss. The results of hair transplant treatment are usually long-lasting and satisfying.

Thus, if you are suffering from hair loss problem then you should go for a hair transplant. The usual cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness (MPB). This form of hair loss affects up to 70% of men at some stage in their lifetime. In some men, male pattern baldness can begin in their late teens or early twenties. Men with a family history of hair loss are more likely to get affected by male pattern baldness.

To get the natural looking hair re-growth, advanced surgical techniques like FUE is the best solution. When people hear about hair transplant treatment for the hair loss problem, they usually want to know whether they should go for hair transplant or not. To get detailed information regarding hair transplant, read-on!

Before considering the surgery, a patient suffering permanent hair loss should go for hair loss medication. It is recommended by most of the surgeons that patients should try medication for at least 6 to 12 months. You can visit Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC to get the best consultation regarding hair loss treatment.

Even after the medication, if you are not able to get the proper hair growth then patients can opt for a hair transplant. Most of the surgeons usually suggest that one should go for a hair transplant after the age of 30.

Procedure of Hair Transplant

FUE is an advanced surgical procedure for hair transplant in which follicular units, i.e. the hair follicles are singly extracted from the donor area (hairy areas) of the patient and are then transplanted to the recipient, i.e. the hair loss area. The hair grafts are skillfully extracted from the donor area with the help of a precision tool and are then carefully placed in the recipient area.
Results of hair transplant treatment

People going for hair plant treatment would be able to restore the hairline easily. However, suitability for the treatment depends upon age, general health and the speed of hair loss over time. To ensure the best results of the hair treatment surgery, it is important to consult a qualified surgeon to discuss your needs and eligibility for the hair transplant treatment.

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