Hair Transplant Surgery treats Hair Loss Caused by Thyroid Disorders

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According to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), approximately 42 million people in India have a thyroid disorder. Anyone can develop a thyroid disorder, however, thyroid dysfunction is observed to be higher in women as compared to men.

Thyroid disorders cause hair loss and here we have mentioned the link between thyroid conditions and hair loss.

Thyroid Disorders Cause Hair Loss

There is a thyroid gland in the neck which controls the digestion, metabolic rate, muscle control and many other essential functions of the body. Hormone levels will be too low (hypothyroidism) if the thyroid gland is underactive. On the other hand, hormone levels will be too high (hyperthyroidism) when the thyroid gland is overactive.

Usually, the hair loss problem due to thyroid disorders is not permanent. Hair gradually returns to normal when their condition is treated with medical treatments. As it is observed thyroid-related disorders to be higher in women as compared to men, the hair loss problem due to the thyroid is faced by women more. They can go for women hair loss treatment to treat hair loss. Even more, many people face the issue of face hair thinning that extends across the entire scalp.

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