Hair transplant: what you did not know about it?

There is no compromise to good looks, and hair (its style and quantity) have a major role in enhancing or reducing it. With the cost and complexities of cosmetic surgeries coming down drastically in the past few years, the number of people opting for hair transplant procedure has increased manifolds. While no one chooses baldness, not everyone does something to deal with it either. A number of misconceptions about hair transplant procedures have made people averse to it. If you are also contemplating a hair transplant, the following pointers may help you make up your mind.

Contrary to popular perceptions, hair transplant procedures are performed with the help of your own hair. The hair growth after the procedure is natural and doesn’t require any further medical assistance. You would be free to cut, trim or style your hair as per your desire.

All Results aren’t the Same

The end result of hair transplant procedure depends upon a number of factors. A head full of dense hair isn’t the final result in all hair transplant cases. The final outcome would be dependent upon the hair’s type, the degree of baldness before the procedure and the amount of hair which was available for the process. Other factors influencing the growth of hair include body’s nutrient profile and your own adherence to the medicines. Opting for Dr Kalia’s Hair Transplant clinic – one of the best hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh can certainly hike your chances of getting it right.

Get it Done and go Home

Hair transplant procedures do not require you to stay back in the hospital or clinic. It is a day care procedure and doesn’t put the mental pressure of a hospital stay in your mind.

It is not a Cure for all types of Baldness

Though hair transplant is considered as the solution for all kinds of baldness, this is far from truth. This underlines the significance of consulting an experienced surgeon who can make you aware of the extent of hair damage and suggest you the most appropriate remedy rather than advising you to go for a hair transplant when it won’t make much sense. Complete baldness can’t be rectified with hair transplant procedures.

Hair from Other Parts of the Body can also be used

A skilful surgeon can also carry out the hair transplant procedure by removing hair from other parts of the body such as beard, legs or chest wall and planting them into the scalp with the help of appropriate techniques. In case you are opting for this method, make sure that you opt for renowned surgeons since it is a complex process and requires expertise. Only the best hair transplant surgeon in Chandigarh can assure you the desired results in this case.

Exposing the myths surrounding hair transplant procedures is essential to create awareness in the society and convince people that there is a way out of baldness. Let’s start by these pointers and open up our minds toward hair transplant procedures.

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