How much does it cost to get hair transplant in india?

Your tresses are one of your prized possessions and none would like to part with them. But destiny has a different plan. Sometimes, due to reasons which are beyond our control, we tend to lose our hair at an alarming rate. It is true that some amount of hair loss is natural with age and time, but when there is too much hair loss baldness might strike us. And this is the time to be scary. But currently, there is not much reason to worry as there are numerous options to get a hair transplant. Compared to the early days when hair transplant was considered a taboo, today the entire thing has become much easier. However, most of the times people are concerned with the cost of hair transplant.

As far as the cost of hair transplants worldwide is concerned, the prices are determined by a lot of factors. Nevertheless, one factor that cannot be denied is that the hair transplant cost in India is lesser than the hair transplant cost in other countries. Usually, a hair transplant cost starts at 90,000 in Indian currency and can go up to two lakh. However, the cost is determined by how extensive the procedure is.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplant

The factors that determine whether the cost of hair transplant will be high or low are the following:

  • The number of hair follicles that are being grafted and transplanted
  • The actual area of the scalp that will undergo transplant
  • The number of transplants that is single or multiple transplants
  • The presence of hair or skin related problems
  • If there are any irregularities in the area that will undergo the hair transplant
  • The area where the hair transplant will take place, for instance, head, eyebrows, or beard and so on

Hair transplant is getting a new dimension now with the help of Dr. Kalia based out of Chandigarh. He has brought about a revolutionary change with regards to hair transplant. He is known as the most trusted cosmetic surgeon in Chandigarh, India. If you are facing hair loss at an alarming pace and you want the best care for yourself, Dr. Kalia’s clinic is the one-stop destination.

How Hair Transplant is Done in Dr. Kalia’s Clinic?

Dr. Kalia conducts hair transplant in the most minimal invasive way and in an organized method. Some of the stages that are involved in a hair transplantation process involve the following:

Each of these steps is done with care and precision by Dr. Kalia and his team and you can expect the most desirable results.

Key Highlights of Dr. Kalia’s Clinic:

  • He has made the cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh reasonable and within reach
  • He not only takes care of hair transplant for his patients, but, goes an extra mile to boost their confidence
  • He organizes great medical tourism for his all his patients and their attendants visiting the city of Chandigarh

So now if you have a receding hairline, stop worrying, and Book a Quick Appointment with Dr. Kalia in Chandigarh.

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