Look and Feel Younger by Getting a Hair Transplant

Are you losing your self-esteem due to hair fall?Losing your hair is a traumatic experience and it can negatively affect various aspects of life such as relationships, aging, confidence and more. Fortunately, due to advancement in this area, today there is a permanent solution available through hair transplants for those who are suffering from hair loss.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) treatments in hair transplant technology have higher success rates. Owing to the effective results, the number of people seeking for this treatment has dramatically increased in recent years. Due to these treatments, bald men don’t have to feel ashamed and inferior.

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant treatment is a big decision and most people assume that they can get their hair back just by eating a healthy balanced diet. In actual, when young ones reach puberty, testosterone levels increase, it results in the shorter growth phase of the hair follicle lifecycle. Even more, the follicles shrink and the hair becomes thinner and eventually unable to grow at all.

There are instances when the miniaturized hair follicles remain alive for some years, which mean that non-surgical treatments can slow or even reverse the effects of hair loss if applied in an early stage. However, once the follicles become inactive, it is not possible to re-grow the hair. Thus, to get the natural looking grown hair, it is imperative to opt for FUE – most advanced surgical technique.

Extra Care for the First Month after FUE

After the treatment, consider these –

Hair Wash
When it comes to shampooing your hair after hair transplant, shampoo every day for at least a week’s time after the third day. Use an ultra-mild or a baby shampoo and do not use the shampoo directly; instead dilute it with some water in a container. While applying shampoo solution, take small quantities of the solution in your palms, slowly massage your hair, the grafted area, and the scars with your fingers, and thumb. During the initial days, rinse out the shampoo froth by pouring the water slowly out of a container. You can shower like usual after the fifth day. During this time, it is recommended not to use a hairdryer to dry your hair.

First Haircut
Before you go for your first hair cut after hair transplant in the first month, visit your hair transplant physician to ensure the head is healing properly. In case of swelling, redness, and scabbing, it is advisable for you to wait for a new haircut because hair cut can slow down healing even more. After three weeks, you can go for hair cut safely without damaging your new hair.

Hair Styling
Once your scalp has healed correctly, you can opt for any hairstyle you want. After your first hair cut, there will no difference between the natural hair and transplanted hair and they will grow in the same length. With your full-grown hair, you can pick any style that will suit your looks best.

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