What Makes You an Ideal Candidate for the Hair transplant surgery?

Up to 70% of men at some stage in their lifetime struggle with androgenic alopecia, a common form of hair loss. In some men, this problem begins in their late teens or early twenties.
When it comes to restore lost hair and get back the youthful looks, there is no other better solution than hair transplant surgery.
Before going for hair transplant, find out ….

“Are you an ideal candidate for the hair transplant surgery?”

Here we have run down few things that would help you out to determine your candidacy.

  1. Age
    Hair transplant surgery is effective for all ages. However, when it comes to offer hair transplant to the patients of ages below 18, the surgeon advise them to wait. In actual, the hair loss problem in younger patients is immature many times. It would require multiple procedures to get the desired results.
    The patients above 30 are mostly considered as ideal candidates due to established hair loss pattern. In this age, the results of the hair loss surgery are also more likely to give natural look.
  2. Medical conditions
    When going for any type of the surgery, it is very important that patient should be healthy and must have strong immune system. Before going for the surgery, the severe medical condition should be resolved. If not taken care properly, the post – procedure complication would increase. Any type of your health condition including chronic health conditions should be discussed with your hair transplant surgeon.
  3. Lifestyle
    Healthy life style is must for better results of the surgery. Before and after the hair transplant surgery, it is highly crucial to include balanced diet, exercise and less stress in your lifestyle. These effective health choices boost up the immune system and lessen the recovery time.
    These are few things that you must follow to avoid any problem during hair transplant procedure. Before opting hair transplant in Chandigarh, ensure that you are a right candidate for the surgery with help of professional surgeon.

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