Opting For Hair Transplant Surgery? Beware Who Is Touching Your Scalp

Hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant surgery is an effective, meticulous medical procedure to treat baldness, helps to improve the patient’s appearance, confidence, and looks. It has become a boon for the bald people when performed by a certified hair transplant surgeon in the field.

Indeed, hair transplant surgery gives a permanent solution to baldness. However, hair transplant done poorly can exaggerate the problem. It can make the donor area and recipient area look ugly.

Beware Of Illegal Hair Transplant Clinics

Unfortunately, there are many illegal hair transplant clinics operating all over the world. They offer the treatment at a very low cost but offer disastrous and irreparable results. These days, most of the patients are desperate for a miracle cure and they take steps without having done the necessary market research first about the hair transplant clinic.

You may enjoy low investment in the starting of the treatment but it may lead to reinvestment and the burden of frustration to the patient’s overall well-being. Unnatural hairlines are a characteristic of the inexperienced technicians doing the surgery.

Post-surgery infections or unsatisfying results are common in illegal hair transplant clinics. The patients’ lives are at risk in clinics in the black market, as hair implants are not simple surgery as promoted by them. Even the government has issued warnings for patients that they should be aware of potential health risks due to illegal clinics.

Choose Best Hair Transplant Clinic

If you are planning to go for hair transplant, make sure to choose the best hair transplant in Chandigarh. While the initial investment may appear quite high, the results are long-term and amazing. According to government law, hair transplant surgery can only be performed by a highly professional and plastic surgeon, dermatologist, certified doctor, or cosmetic surgeon. The hair transplant clinic must be registered with the national healthcare system and equipped with high-tech machinery.

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