To Prepare for Your Hair Transplant Surgery, Consider These Six Tips

hair transplant in chandigarh, India

Have you booked your hair transplant surgery date? Are you ready for your surgery? You might be having many doubts in your mind. It’s normal to be nervous but make sure to prepare for the big day.

  1. Take a Break from Work
    The recovery time of hair transplant surgery is short and one can return to work the next day. During the initial healing period, it is advisable to avoid any strenuous activities The experts at Dr. Kalia’s clinic suggest taking a few days off from work to avoid any complications.
  2. Pre Book Transportation and Accommodation
    If you don’t live locally, book your transport tickets in advance. You need to reach the clinic at least 30 minutes prior to the surgery time. Reaching earlier will help you to settle down in the clinic and prepare for final paperwork. You can make hotel reservations to avoid any unnecessary stress on the day of your hair transplant treatment as travelling from a long distance can affect the results.
  3. Discuss Your Medical Conditions
    Due to potential side effects, it is advisable to avoid any over-the-counter and prescription medications before surgery. Discuss with your hair transplant surgeon if you are taking any medication. According to your medical conditions, the surgeon will guide you on what you should avoid before your surgery day.
  4. Proper Nutrition
    Before your hair transplant surgery, you need to supply your body a plenty of minerals, vitamins and protein. You can promote healthy new hair growth and improve the healing process by eating a wide variety of fresh food. Furthermore, you can ask Dr. Kalia for nutritional supplements to get better results from the surgery.
  5. Avoid Smoking
    Smoking affects your hair transplant results. The healing process slows down due to smoking. To regulate the blood circulation completely and for overall health quit smoking completely. If you can’t completely quit the smoking then it is highly recommended to avoid it 24 hours before and as long as possible after the surgery.
  6. Blood Analysis
    It is highly important to have a blood analysis test done (for Hepatitis B, C and HIV). Ideally, surgeons recommend and request to receive the test reports at least 2 days before the surgery – in hard or soft copy according to your convenience.

Note: As the first few hours of the surgery are most crucial, you should not be touching the transplanted grafts at all and make a visit to the clinic on the next day of the surgery.

These few important things will definitely help you to get the best hair transplant treatment. Still, if you have any doubts in your mind regarding hair transplant then get in touch with Dr. Kalia in Chandigarh.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC is considered the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh as well as in entire North India. Dr. Kalia offers the best service, takes good care of just everything, and sends automatic telephonic, mail or calendar alarms as reminders for every essential step.

To learn more, book your appointment with Dr. Kalia today.

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