PRP Treatment- Promising Non-Surgical Treatment for Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss and looking for a non-surgical hair loss treatment? You can go for Platelet Rich Plasma, commonly known as PRP, a non-surgical treatment for those suffering from hair loss.
In the world of hair treatment surgery, PRP is a new kind of treatment. However, PRP has already been used extensively in the treatment of joints and facial skin rejuvenation. This procedure of hair loss treatment is considered safe.
What are the factors involved in PRP treatment?
PRP is an advanced hair transplant treatment and the possibilities of successful results depend on the number of factors including-
The concentration of platelets and other blood components in the PRP sample need to be precisely controlled and adjusted as per the condition being treated.
The selection of centrifuge device that is used to create the PRP sample is very important.
It is imperative to verify the scientific credentials of the device used for the treatment.
How is PRP effective for hair growth?
According to the studies, PRP treatment can stimulate hair growth in the laboratory and clinical trials. It is assumed that the growth factors in PRP stimulate new blood vessels, amplifies natural healing process, and even possibly stimulates stem cells. To solidify the research outcome, more tests are continuously done to identify how PRP works in stimulating hair growth.
What is required to prepare for PRP?
The quantity of blood is needed to prepare PRP. First, a blood sample is taken and then the Platelet Rich Plasma is separated from the rest of the blood by using an automated centrifuge system. Generally, only 100 ml of blood is drawn. The quantity is a little bit more as compared to when the blood is drawn for a laboratory test.
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