The Cost of Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

You might have noticed that some hair transplant centers offering much cheaper surgeries than others. Here’s a list of the factors why some clinics charge so much less than others.

Number Of Grafts

Individual need is an important factor in determining the cost of hair transplant surgery. The number of grafts is needed when it comes to hair transplant and it varies from one person to another. Even, it will depend on how advanced your hair loss is. The surgery will take longer to complete and the cost will be higher when more grafts are needed.

Surgery Types

Follicular Unit Transplant FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction FUE are two main types of hair transplant surgery that are common these days offering excellent and natural-looking results.

As compared to FUT, FUE tends to be slightly more expensive because a micro-punch technique is used to harvest individual follicles which demand more skill and precision than FUT.

Renowned Clinic

When you choose a hair transplant clinic with the highest standards, you may have to invest more. Actually, a quality clinic will be having state of the art medical equipment and be fully insured and registered. The money they get from the patients helps in paying fair wages to honor the time and expertise of the employee.

Cost-Effective Surgeries

Many clinics are offering heavily discounted hair transplant surgeries and you may like their offers. However, if the clinics are employing inexperienced staff, being under-insured, using poor quality equipment, and not following proper safety practices, to offer treatment at reduced cost then they are putting their clients at risk of scarring, infection, and worse.

Professional Advice

Are you looking for the best advice about the cost of getting a hair transplant? If so, then book a free consultation with Dr. Kalia’s Novena Clinic- the best hair transplant clinic. Based on your needs, their highly-trained staff can assess your hair loss and provide you with the best treatment.

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