The Key Myths about Women’s Hair

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Woman’s hair is a symbol of femininity. However, there are many outdated beliefs about women’s hair that really affects hair health. Therefore, we are highlighting a handful of the myths and truths related to the hair below:

Myth 1: Washing hair every day causes hair loss

Many people believe that washing hair every day can be the reason for hair loss. Excess hair washing has no connection to the baldness or hair loss. Imbalanced diet, stress, or genetics are some of the factors causing hair problems.

Myth 2: Dandruff affects hair growth and causes hair loss

The yeast imbalances on the scalp cause dandruff and is not connected to the hair loss problem. However, it is important to keep your scalp clean for healthy hair. To get rid of dandruff, you should opt for a medicated shampoo. This will clean your scalp and help to keep your hair in tip-top condition.

Myth 3: Hair growth rate increases in summer

During the summer season, the hormones released in the body, the blood circulation and Vitamin D supply increases. This helps to grow hair quickly. Although the hair growth rate increases in summer, it is not the same in all cases and it will not affect the hair loss problem. To maintain good health and growth of your hair, you should opt for hair loss treatment in Chandigarh.

Myth 4: Lots of bubbles essential to wash your hair properly

People believe that lots of bubble helps to cleanse your hair properly. In actual, most of the good quality shampoos usually don’t build up a thick lather. Thus, it is recommended not to prefer the shampoo that forms many bubbles. Prefer buying the hair products that suit your hair type such as if your hair is dry then choose the one that can nourish your hair and enhance the volume.

Myth 5: Cutting hair can make it grow faster

Regular trims can improve the look and feel of hair. After trimming unhealthy split ends, hair will have a thicker look with less breakage, making it look even shinier. However, it’s a common misconception that the hair growth will be faster after trimming.

For healthy hair, you need to find a solution that helps to provide the vitamins and minerals completely. To get sufficient supplements for your hair, a well-balanced diet is one option. The expert team of Dr. Kalia’s hair transplant clinic provides the best advice regarding healthy hair growth and to avoid hair loss. For more information, book your appointment today.

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