Turn to Eyebrow Transplant for Fuller Brows

eyebrow transplant surgery

An eyebrow transplant surgery might be a great choice for you if you have thin eyebrows. It can provide a long-lasting solution to get natural looking eyebrows, using your own hair to supplement your existing browline.

Autoimmune conditions, over-plucking, injury, illness, and age are some of the reasons for deformed brows that create an undesired facial appearance.

What happens during an eyebrow transplant?

The eyebrow transplant procedure done under local anesthesia and usually takes a few hours. Your surgeon will take hair follicles from your body part (usually the back of your scalp) and transplant them to thicken and reshape your eyebrows.

The eyebrow hair transplant can be done in these two ways-

• Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
• Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)

During FUE, your surgeon will shave the donor site to get closer to the follicle, and then make a small incision around individual hair follicles to remove them for transfer to your brows. FUE process doesn’t require stitches, and won’t leave you with scars.

During FUT, your surgeon will remove a strip of tissue from the back of your head and then stitch the donor site close. Then your surgeon will use a dissection technique to split the donor tissue into follicular units, containing up to four hairs and follicles.

Your scalp will be delicate for a few days after the surgery, so your surgeon may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications. You can also use extra-strength Tylenol to help with tenderness and discomfort, and wear a bandage the first night after the procedure.

You won’t notice any changes to your brows for a few months after your transplant; it takes the transplanted hair follicles longer than you might expect to begin growing.

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