Hair transplant Procedure at Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC

Dr. Kalia’s NOVENA CLINIC provides the best in class hair transplant and patient care, using the most advanced technology amidst the up-to-date infrastructure. From initial consultation to the successfully completed Hair Transplant, you will be attended by the most professional, courteous and knowledgeable staff – whose sole aim is to provide you the best care possible.

How it goes?
Procedure Review

To help you feel comfortable, belonged and well prepared for the surgery, Dr. Kalia reviews your previously discussed goals and expectations. He works closely with you to determine the most effective use of your donor hair. Dr. Kalia and his team understand that the doctor/patient review is an integral part of the process and your decision is very significant.

Dr. Kalia listens to your wishes and ideas, considers them and makes suggestions based on his experience of hundreds of successful hair restorations. The procedure does not move forward until you feel completely satisfied with the approach and design that you and Dr. Kalia have mutually agreed upon. The latest technology helps you have a look on all the possible hair designs and you can choose from the one that suits you the best as seen on the computer.

Follicular Unit Removal
  • The hair transplant surgery begins with injecting the local anesthesia into the donor area.
  • Once the area is frozen, Dr. Kalia begins removing Follicular Units.
  • Follicular Unit removal takes about 3-4 hours.
  • During this part of the procedure, the team ensures that you are absolutely comfortable and caters to any need that you might have.
  • Once the Follicular Unit removal is completed, Dr. Kalia dresses the donor site with the Neosporin Ointment.
A Break and Refreshments:

After the first phase, you are allowed to walk around to stretch yourself or use the washroom. You are also offered the refreshments of your choice and by the time you enjoy your quick meal, the operation theatre is set for the second phase of your hair restoration surgery.

Recipient Site Creation & Graft Insertion

For this part of the procedure, you will be seated in a comfortable, reclining operation table. Dr. Kalia creates recipient sites—small, painless incisions that receive the donor hair. Recipient sites are created using fine needle that mimic the alignment and distribution of hair as they naturally occur. After the recipient site incisions are created, Dr. Deepak Kalia begins to place the Follicular Units into the recipient site.

Wrap up

The procedure is now successfully completed and you are offered a nice, healthy lunch of your choice.

Post-Op Package

You are now presented with an after care post-operative package with a thorough session of post-operative care instructions by Dr. Kalia. The package consists of various medications such as antibiotics, mild painkillers and other necessary products to make your post-operative healing smooth and hassle-free.

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