Post Transplant Care

The post-transplant period is highly crucial. No matter how pain free the procedure is, it is highly important and critical to be cautious about the post-surgery care. Here is a list of instructions that that comprehend the post hair transplant surgery care; please read these carefully to avoid any hassle:

The Subsequent Night

The night subsequent to the surgery is very important.

  • Remember not to touch the transplanted grafts, as there is a risk of them falling out of the incisions.
  • Try sleeping in a semi-upright position with a couple of pillows to elevate your head.
  • It is recommended to sleep in this position for the first three nights following the surgery.
  • Should you have some back problem, inform your doctor beforehand to let him/her guide you for respective precautions.


  • Do not shampoo your hair before 72 hours of the surgery
  • Post 72 hours, that is, the third day, shampoo every day for at least a week’s time.
  • Use an ultra-mild or a baby shampoo most preferably.
  • Do not use the shampoo directly, instead dilute it with some water in a container
  • Take small quantities of the solution in your palms, slowly massage your hair, the grafted area and the scars with your fingers and thumb.
  • During the initial days, rinse out the shampoo froth by pouring the water slowly out of a container.
  • After the fifth day, you can shower like usual.
Note: You may observe some white spots after washing your hair. Do not panic, as this due to the swelling of grafts in the presence of water. These spots would disappear by themselves in 30-50 minutes. Should you notice them for a longer time, consult the doctor right away.

Other Precautions

  • Avoid any tiring or strenuous physical activities during the first week after the surgery.
  • Do not lean forward and avoid blowing your nose too strong.
  • Also, avoid any sexual involvement during the first week after the surgery.
  • Stay away from rains and dust for at least two weeks.
  • Do not go to any swimming sessions for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • Do not intake any alcohol or intoxicant at all for at least 48 hours after the surgery.
  • For the ones who have skin types towards more sensitive or as long as the skin is red, it is highly recommended not to go under direct sunlight or tan beds in order to avoid any skin damage (in the grafted area).
  • Minoxidil can be optionally used after one month of the surgery as a catalyst of the growth.

Possible Complications

There may be many instances where you could feel some physical changes and irritation. Consider the following situations normal after the surgery – the skin type of each individual varies, so any one or more of these may occur. Just relax and give it some time, unless it is too irritable:

  • Some swelling may occur, especially on the forehead on the 1st, 2nd or the 3rd day(s) of post treatment. NEVER APPLY ICE ON THE GRAFTED AREA AS A REMEDY FOR SWELLING. Keep taking the medicines as prescribed, even if the swelling is not prominent.
  • Some bleeding is also normal at the grafted/scar areas. Just compress the bleeding area with a soft linen or clean cotton ball.
  • You can use ice packs on the donor area, but NOT AT ALL ON THE GRAFT. The Bleeding would stop by itself in a couple of minutes.
  • Also, do not skip the painkillers, as some pain is quite natural post-surgery. However, the pain is not intense in 95% cases.
  • Though there are very low chances of infection, do not miss on your prescribed antibiotics.
  • If you still begin feeling chronic redness, inflammation or local pain, consult Dr. Kalia immediately.
  • You may also feel decreased sensitivity in the recipient area – this is again absolutely normal and it becomes normal after a couple of months.
  • During the healing phase, some small crusts/scales may cling to the hair grafts – compressing with wet linen or cotton will help make them disappear quicker. Generally, crusts fall off within 7-10 days.
  • Once you start washing your hair normally, the crusts and dried scalp would fall off as you massage and shampoo. You might notice the grafted hair and their bulbs fall out too with the crusts sometimes – but you do not have to panic, as the stem cells are very much there that ensure the new hair growth.
  • Be assured of the fact that it takes 3-4 months for the hair growth after the transplant treatment. Moreover, for the ones it is slower than the usual, it may even take a six months’ time.
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